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Demonstration of smart multifunctional PV modules

As one of several projects backed by the European Union’s (EU’s) Seventh Framework Programme (FP7), goals for SUMMIT project are to demonstrate three step-change innovations in solar PV technology:

  1. Innovative designs for large, lightweight PV modules with back-contact cells for flat roofs, as well as dimensionally adaptable modules (available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes) for use as cladding or on pitched roofs for building-integrated PV (BIPV) and building-applied PV (BAPV) applications;
  2. Utilization of durable, 2-mm thin-glass PV laminate with greater break resistance as well as improved transmission efficiency; and
  3. Smart-module power management for higher energy generation that is less prone to power drop off even under non-ideal local conditions (e.g. shading).

During the nexresultst three years, SUMMIT consortium members will demonstrate industrial manufacturability of these novel PV-module concepts, as well as overall module efficiency and durability, ease of installation and utilization, and applicability to various types of PV applications — features representing breakthrough long-life PV modules with record power output, the lowest installation  and system costs, and the lowest carbon footprint on the market today.

Gluing and Assembly process of PV Modules

In the SUMMIT project a process has been developed in which up to 50 panels per day can be assembled manually. The next step is to optimize the logistics process and make it more automatic.

Overview features and overall objectives SUMMIT

Overview features and overall objectives SUMMIT

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Uniresearch will take care of managing the project regarding reporting, the website, organising the meetings etc.We are looking forward to working together with this great group of developers.