Headquartered at the Eindhoven High Tech Campus, TULiPPS was the 2012 winner of the Dutch Solar Award in the Industry Development category for its innovative COSMOS® module technology platform, which was developed cooperatively with partners from the plastics/composites, automotive, PV module, roofing, and PV installer market segments. Two unique aspects of the platform are the use of a very-thin 2-mm (0.08-inch) face layer of fully tempered glass plus a hybrid composite/metal “underbody” construction that supports the rest of the module. Since bulky and unattractive conventional aluminum PV frames are replaced by the patent-pending “frameless” support system on all COSMOSmodules, the effect is a more attractive pitched roof or cladding that weighs and costs less than conventional BIPV modules. Design flexibility also provides opportunities to cover more surface area than is possible with conventional modules. Further, TULiPPS is the consortium leader for a Dutch Top-sector Knowledge and Innovation (TKI) solar demonstration project for Lightweight Rooftop BIPV (LiRoB), which has received €1.9-million/$2.6-million USD funding from the Dutch government.

Country: Netherlands

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