Building applied

SUMMIT PV modules have been installed on roofs for demonstration purposes. The performances are being monitored.
Demo’s are also integrated in buildings and a SUMMIT Demo Truck has been build.

Categories in ‘building applied’:

Flat roof

1. City Hall Waalwijk

2. Apparaten fabrikage Waalwijk

3. Residential house in Veldhoven, the Netherlands
Flat roof application 42x frameless 60 cells mounted on Aerofix system (12,4 kWp)

4. Residential house in Waalwijk, the Netherlands
Flat roof (4 degrees pitch) small BIPV modules including chimney pass-through
The PV installation contains: 43x 44 cells modules (8,6 kWp) + 9x 20 cells modules (0,8 kWp), 9,4 kWp in total

5. Residential house in Waalwijk, the Netherlands
Flat roof application 8x frameless 120 cells modules (4,8 kWp)



Pitched roof

1. Residential house in Curacao, Netherlands Antilles
80x frameless full black 60 cells BIPV pitched roof modules on steel underroof

2. Residential house in Waalwijk, the Netherlands
10x frameless 60cells BAPV mounted on pitched roof on top of tiles (3,0 kWp)

3. Pilot-installation Eindhoven University of Technology
A functioning model was built. This was a prototype of a pitched roof. On the experience gained with the prototype a pilot-installation was built on the roof of the Eindhoven University of Technology. This pilot installation is built to test the readiness of the COSMOS modules for demonstration projects and gave a clear and practical view of the strength and weaknesses of the modules and the mounting structure.

4. Test set up at IBC Solar
A real time test is performing at the IBC-Solar test site in Schinnen, the Netherlands. IBC Solar has a pilot installation with the new COSMOS Module. The installation will take place under the same conditions as the other test installations on this test site. The modules will be monitored for 24 hours, day in – day out. The results will be evaluated and compared with the results of the other modules from the test site. In this way, the specific features of the COSMOS modules should become clear.

Outcome of the testing since 6/10/2015:

Variance comparison

Energie generation

1. Arrival of the modules without mounting structure
2. Gluing of the mounting structure at the back
3. Gluing of the mounting structure at the back
4. Mounting the modules 6×10 on the Steel deck Roof at IBC SOLAR
5. Finished Pilot-installation on the roof with in the background several comparison modules
6. At the right-side the Steca-inverter in the middle the datalogger in the AC-distribution panel