Producing Solar Panels

One of the goals for the SUMMIT project is to create innovative designs for large, lightweight PV modules with back-contact cells for flat roofs, as well as dimensionally adaptable modules (available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes) for use as cladding or on pitched roofs for building-integrated PV (BIPV) and building-applied PV (BAPV) applications.

Over the last 18 months several runs with different sizes of solar panels were produced:

In the first run six modules containing eighteen cells (3×6) have been produced.
The ultrathin glass used for these modules has a thickness of respectively 0.8 and 1.1 mm.
Four of the modules are glass-glass modules and the others have a polymer backsheet on the back.

During the second run four modules containing forty-four cells (4×11) were assembled.

For the test on the SEAC roof ten modules containing twenty cells (4×5) have been assembled.
These modules have been send to Rimas, who will apply the support structure.

The process of making Solar Panels:

Picture 1:

Eurotron [2] 890x500










Picture 2:

Eurotron [1] 890x500