Summit latest news

Solar Magazine: Demonstration project at the town hall in Waalwijk

TULiPPS Solar and IBC Solar will install the largest solar panels in the Netherlands on the roof of the town hall in Waalwijk. The solar panels with 120 solar cells... Read more


Patent on solar encapsulent has been published

Yparex BV has applied for a patent on solar encapsulant and this has been approved and published, both as PCT (Worldwide) as EP (Europe). The objective for the patent: Utilization... Read more

SUMMIT shows eye-cathing modules at energy tradeshow – Oct 2015

Report of the ‘Energy’ tradeshow by Wouter van den Berg of Yparex: Paul Stassen (from TULiPPS) sent all partners in the consortium an invitation for the “Energiebeurs” in de Brabanthallen in... Read more

SUMMIT Press release #2

Ultra-Thin Chemically Treated Glass/Glass Modules & Back-Contact Cells Add Value, Options on COSMOS® Modules EINDHOVEN, The Netherlands – In order to offer module makers and solar photovoltaic (PV) customers greater... Read more

Producing Solar Panels

One of the goals for the SUMMIT project is to create innovative designs for large, lightweight PV modules with back-contact cells for flat roofs, as well as dimensionally adaptable modules (available in a... Read more


Fraunhofer: Testing results

Goal of the SUMMIT project is to develop a novel photovoltaic module (PV-Module). The aim is to combine thin and frameless PV-laminates with a light and cost-efficient rack-system. The conventional... Read more

2nd place winner in Competition ‘Zon op de Zwijger’

“Zon op de Zwijger” is a Dutch competition for the most innovative solutions for solar technology on the roof of Warehouse ‘De Zwijger’ in Amsterdam. In the competition, the participants... Read more

General Assembly meeting at Eurotron in Bleskensgraaf, the Netherlands

The third meeting regarding the SUMMIT-project was held at EUROTRON in the Netherlands at the 26th and 27th of November 2014.

General Assembly Meeting at KIWA Italy

The second meeting regarding the SUMMIT-project was held at KIWA in Italy at the 21st and 22nd of May 2014.

Solar Magazine: EU-consortium receives four million euros of funding

An industrial consortium around TULiPPS Solar has received EU funding of around four million euros. In recent years, Solar Magazine has published several times about TULiPPS Solar. On the cover... Read more