SUMMIT Press release #1

Long-Life, High-Efficiency PV Modules a Step Closer as Consortium Receives €4MM Funding for Demo Program

EINDHOVEN, THE NETHERLANDS – Availability of longer life, higher efficiency, multifunctional solar photovoltaic (PV) modules, which also function as integrated building products, is one step closer to commercial reality as a European consortium led by TULiPPS B.V. (parent of TULiPPS Solar B.V.) has just been approved to receive €4-million/$5.5-million USD funding from the European Commission to build and validate smart, lightweight PV modules. These modules are designed to eliminate long-standing issues with conventional modules, which are heavy, unattractive, and are offered in very few sizes so can be difficult to fit in many odd-size locations on typical roofs and building walls.  The new consortium aims to fix all of these issues and more under a project called SUMMIT, which seeks to develop a more durable, energy efficient, lighter weight, lower cost PV module platform that can be used for sloped or flat roofs and as building cladding.

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