Solar Magazine: Demonstration project at the town hall in Waalwijk

TULiPPS Solar and IBC Solar will install the largest solar panels in the Netherlands on the roof of the town hall in Waalwijk. The solar panels with 120 solar cells have a capacity of 600 watt peak.

On the roof of the town hall 72 of the frameless solar panels have been installed with a size of 1.67 meters by 1.98 meters. Each year 575 kilowatt hours of solar power is generated. ‘Due to the low installation angle, only 5 degrees, the atrium can be maximally invested with solar panels and hardly any ballast is needed,’ says Paul Stassen of TULiPPS Solar. ‘It is a solution for roofs that can only handle a small weight load. We would like to express our gratitude to the municipality that we can demonstrate our innovative technology here. ‘

The solar panels are confirmed by means of the Click – & – Go assembly system of TULiPPS. The support construction Aerofix is ​​supplied by IBC Solar. Due to the low installation angle, a PV power of 145 watt peak per square meter roof surface is achieved. Furthermore, the system is equipped with power optimizers from the Dutch company Femtogrid.

On the remaining roof of the town hall – the ring – one installs another 296 full black solar panels from IBC Solar with a capacity of 87.32 kilowatt-peak. The total PV plant will produce 124,000 kilowatt hours of solar power per year. The project at the municipality of Waalwijk is a demonstration within the European SUMMIT project of which TULiPPS is the secretary.

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